• Decadence Caramels – Handcrafted Gourmet Caramels

    Decadence Caramels began with a relentless pursuit to make the best caramel available. For years it was only shared with family and friends. Then there was an hiatus, we didn't make any. It was too decadent, too luxurious, it seemed inhumane! One day, after starting up again, some Decadence Caramels were offered to a friend at a winery. A year later, that friend wondered if there would be more caramels. We realized how romantic and unique the experience of Decadence Caramels truly was. We began to create in earnest, realizing there are certain moments that are enjoyed and remembered that make life all that is worth living. Decadence Caramels, Divinely Delicious and Delightful!

    Whether you want to promote yourself, your business, or just want someone to know you are thinking of them, our 3D Candies can help. Our Decadence Caramels make wonderful gifts and our Gift Page can help you find the perfect touch for any occasion.


    The Perfect Gift Idea


    Join us for a Chocolate Tasting Demo this Friday, October 2nd at Mollie Stone’s San Francisco stores (Castro and Tower) from 3-6pm. (See our calendar page for more details. Also search our Where to Find 3D Candies page for purchase at wineries and upscale markets near you .)



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  • Decadence Savory Line

    The Exotic Array
    Stepping outside of what is the typical, tradition and normal, we have created a group of caramels that are unlike any caramel combination you have ever tasted. These caramels were created to pair with wine, or to enjoy simply for their decadence. Lemon-Thyme, Artichoke Lemon Caper, Espresso, JalapeƱo, Yellow Belle, Sweet Potato Rosemary, each is unlike anything you've ever experienced before.