Wine Pairings

Went wine tasting and tried our caramels? Don’t remember what the caramel flavor was exactly and need to refresh your memory on that fantastic pairing? Below is a guide for your reference!

Grgich Hills Estate Pairings

Classic Caramel and wine

We are delighted to partner with Grgich Hills Estate to blow the concept of pairings out of the water!

2008 Carneros Selection Chardonnay

  • Melon, Raisin, Balsamic & Black Pepper Caramel in White Chocolate (coming soon to the website!)

2010 Essence Sauvignon Blanc

2007 Merlot, Napa Valley

2007 Yountville Selection Cabernet

2009 Violetta, Late Harvest

Wine & Chocolate Festival

Grgich Hills Estate

1829 St. Helena Hwy

Rutherford, CA 94573

We enjoy partnering with different teams, whether it is wine pairings, coffee and tea tastings, or just trying all of our different delights! Contact us by email if you would like Decadence Caramels to be a part of your next event. We would love to hear from you! Go to ->Contact Us

Rocks & Rhones at MiraFlores:

As Memorial Day weekend is prone to do the last few years, we had a bizarre turn in the weather that left us with sun, but a chilly wind. It didn’t matter, we still had a great time at MiraFlores Winery. As if tasting right within the vineyard, grape vines intertwined above white tablecloths set with pebbles and lava rock. What a great setting for pairing wines with different foods!

We brought with us slabs of Yellow Belle and Ginger Macadamia Nut along with enrobed teasers of Raspberry Hazelnut.

Mother’s Day at Boeger Winery

With such gorgeous grounds, it is no wonder Boeger was absolutely filled with families on Mother’s Day weekend. We loved being there to launch our brand new flavor – Espresso! Such a perfect compliment to our other dessert assortment flavors!









The Meritage Re-Opening with Bourassa Wines

After remodeling, The Meritage put on a fantastic event including gourmet food and a variety of wineries. We were so excited to be present with Vic Bourassa of Bourassa Vineyards pairing our caramels with his fantastic wines.

Pairing with his Symphony 3, we brought a naked slab of Jalapeño caramel. To rival in decadence, he poured his Chardonnay with which we paired our Ginger Macadamia Nut caramel.

Vino Noceto’s Open House

We owe the development of three of our Savory flavors: Lavender, Yellow Belle and Lemon-Thyme to Vino Noceto. In honor of their Open House to showcase their Sangiovese, we explored the new flavors to see how well we could get them to pair. We had to increase the percentage of cacao in the chocolate up to 80%! Akin to baking chocolate – not appealing on it’s own, but wrapped around savory caramel, it was the perfect combination. All three paired well with the Sangiovese, and when we had attendees vote between the Yellow Belle or Lemon-Thyme with the Sangiovese, they were split right down the middle!

Passport Weekend at Crystal Basin

What a fun weekend! Mike is so great at pairing his wines! Had we not had his fresh perspective we never would have discovered how exactly versatile our Savory Caramels can be! Never before had we tried pairing our Ginger-Macadamia nut with Bubbly! Passport weekend with Crystal Basin is a blast, make sure you experience it!


If you were in the foothills area the end of March, you experienced quite the storm. In Amador county, we had horizontal winds and matching rain!

Regardless, the winery Karmère is a beautiful location with it’s manicured gardens and rock walled buildings. The staff is always inviting and they have some of the most wonderful Syrah in Amador county. If you have never visited the grounds, either for wine tasting or a wedding, you absolutely MUST stop by. It is one of the most picturesque scenes in Plymouth!

We spent the day not only sharing our caramels, but inviting visitors to help us with a new taste test. Currently, we are working with three new flavors of caramel: Lemon-Thyme, Yellow Belle and Lavender. We sincerely expected for there to be one prominent favorite, but alas they were all three equally loved! Our next process will be to determine which type of chocolate will enrobe each new flavor. It is an arduous process and we feel so victimized to have to keep tasting these caramels with new chocolate combinations………..

My personal favorites were to pair the Drew Syrah with the Lavender, the Haley with the Lemon-Thyme and Rachel with the Yello-Belle. Several people chose to try the Lavender with the different sparkling varieties Karmère offers.

It was a wonderful afternoon, even if the weather wasn’t altogether lovely. We always enjoy visits to Karmère and we are proud that they offer boxes of 3DCandies. (3.31.2012)


Wine & Chocolate with Ripken and Klinker Brick

As Valentine’s Day was upon us, love was in the air. Love of Wine and Love of Sweets. A perfect way to show someone you love them; gift them with Decadence! That is exactly what everyone did that day. We had a great time, and always love pairing with both Ripken and Klinker Brick.

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