3D Candies Caramel Club

Never run out of our delicious caramels again, whether you need a last minute gift, the ideal after-dinner treat for surprise guests or a late-evening delight when curled up with your favorite book. Subscribe today and let us know the most convenient time to ship for you.

If you are interested, please let us know through the Contact Us form.

Member Benefits include:
$29.99 per month for a twelve piece box of your favorite flavor(s.) We will keep record of your favorite flavors…and you can change your choices.

Includes an additional sample of a new or different flavor. We are often creating new flavors and we would love to offer you first sampling.

Use any month’s shipment as a readily available gift. Simply send us an alternate address. no more hassle finding a gift, or even shipping it! Just let us know and we will make it happen.

20% Discount on additional caramel purchases for members of the 3D Candies Caramel Club.

Shipping is included, yep…. Shipping INCLUDED!