School is out and Summer is here!

We have been doing some exciting things lately and we are thrilled to share them with you! The Spring was full of different winery events, and new flavor creations.

Our most recent adventure was to extend our Savory Line to include more caramels beyond our (in?)famous JalapeƱo. Lemon-Thyme and Yellow Belle were created to pair with the Sangiovese at Vino Noceto, Lavender has also been conquered but yet to be released. (We have to save a few to build up your anticipation!)

Because we have found that secret method for creating caramel that melts in your mouth, allowing your teeth to sink right through, we have been able to explore so many other facets of what can be don with this specific candy.

Decadence Caramels are the more luxurious caramels available, and the ONLY caramels to be paired with wines. Each winery event, we have people looking at us with that suspicious look, daring us to prove their disbelief false. We do every time.

Savory caramels sounds impossible to accomplish, impossible to enjoy. We have done the impossible. We have created caramels that are fantastic with wine AND delicious on their own. They are an exploration, an adventure, a delight, an experience. They are divinely delicious and delightful!

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