The Story

The Experience of the “Moment!”

Almond Caramel

Decadence Caramels specializes in pairing caramels with wine. No, not just port with chocolate. We have created a line of caramels that truly can be paired with anything from Chardonnay to Syrahs and Sangioveses. Our savory line was launched for just this purpose, but our traditional flavors are versatile as well. Caramels with wine? Who does that?! Decadence Caramels does it, and we do it very, very well. Pairing up with wineries throughout the California Valleys, we have brought you caramels that are fantastic on their own, or paired with your favorite grape.

Candy isn’t just something sweet. It often has a purpose. There are times when you are sluggish, tired, you need something to boost your energy, your morale. You need something to revitalize you. Any bulk candy is great for that. A candy bar to get your quick fix. It isn’t as important how long it’s been on the shelf, or whether it has nougat, peanut butter or just milk chocolate. It’s there to provide some energy quickly.

Then, there is the type of candy that changes a moment. The moment when something is unique. Spectacular. Romantic. There you are in that moment……. Time stops.  You find that you are simply experiencing….. enjoying.From start to finish, each piece of 3D Candy is handcrafted to provide one of these moments. Decadence Caramels is an experience. Whether you are pairing our caramels with the wine in your glass, or simply enjoying the complexity of the flavors. We want every single piece of our candy to create that experience, that moment when time  simply stops and you can take the time to enjoy.

How We Got Started Many have asked us how 3D Candies began. Some have wondered if we sold candy or video. We chuckled at first then thought, “Oh yeah, that would work too”. The three “Ds” are for Danika’s Delicate Delights. The story is long and parts defy validation, nonetheless, here are the details as we present them to you. It all began with the charming Queen Anne Victorian we now call “Danika.”"Danika" The Victorian    In 2002, shortly after we purchased the home, we rummaged through some of the old items left behind: shelves made from a packing crate with A. Ostrom stenciled upon it, an old piece of unpainted siding, pieces of glass and some documents. We eventually came upon a recipe with the name D. Annie Ka….(the rest of the name tailed off illegibly) and at the bottom, as if a gloss on ancient writ “tastes like more.” Aunt Dee Annie Karlson presumably lived in the home sometime during the hundred years before we bought it.  Adolf Ostrom built the house and had lived here till 1957. At least that is how the story was presented to us.  We used her recipe and played a little with it, keeping many of the features, improving others. She addressed the need to take care and pamper the delicate treats. We do exactly that by using much more sophisticated temperature and measuring equipment than she had at her disposal. She used volume we prefer weight. We then took her treat and wrapped the delightful piece with chocolate, sometimes with milk chocolate but often with dark chocolate cacao mass. We wish she was around to enjoy it. She would still say, it “tastes like more.” Aunt Dee Annie Karlson’s was a bit long to use as a name, yet we wanted to credit her contribution to our efforts at restoring her home so we just used the name she provided, and shortened the spelling to Danika. As we present Danika’s Delicate Delights we are proud to offer her time tested formula for caramel and use the proceeds to refurbish her cute little home.