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3D Candies:

Divinely Delicious & Delightful!

We sample every batch. Each treat exemplifies hands on, little loads, multiple details.

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What are the 3 “D”s of 3D Candies?


Each confection is completely unique. Whenever we experience something unique, we want to share the experience with someone. The relationship between those two or more can be a type of spiritual connection. When something is exciting and memorable, the additional adrenaline increases the brain’s ability to recall the event. When that memory is recalled, we like it when someone else is also part of that memory.

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These confections are flavorful standouts. Each is designed to incorporate multiple portions of the mouth so that the flavors are constant and long lasting.


The initial experience will be the texture. Our candies are a tactile pleasure in the mouth. Each offering is smooth and luxurious. Every small batch we create is put through the texture test. All must pass.


All About Us

Since 2010, 3D Candies has taken pride in creating the highest quality products for chocolate lovers in San Francisco and beyond. We use the finest natural ingredients available, sourced sustainably from our partnering cocoa bean farms.

But we don’t just stop at that. Creativity flows like the chocolate in our shop, where we are constantly developing delectable textures and flavors. Shop online from our wide variety of products, or come visit us at any nearby event and try the samples at 3D Candies for yourself. You’re in for a treat.


Experience 3D Candies

Dive into our world of luxury and decadence. At 3D Candies, we specialize in handcrafted caramels and toffee made from only the finest ingredients.