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  • Fathers

    Happy Father’s Day, Dads! We love you!
  • Summer Shipping

    Summer Shipping

    It’s been a challenging year for most of us and it’s hard to believe we’re already in the throes of summer heat. Here in northern California, we’ve already seen temps well over 100 degrees and June has just begun!

    It’s important to stay cool and hydrated in the summer heat. And that’s no different for our lovely little caramel treats

  • What To Do With SO Many Pecans

       There were so many pecans. Bags and bags of them were sitting all over Eric’s house. Paper grocery store sized bags of pecans were seen in each ...
  • Guilt Free Caramels - Really?

    It seems impossible, we know.

    How can these caramels taste so decadent, but yet be only 60 calories?

    And how can these caramels taste so divine when they actually lower blood sugar levels?

    It just doesn’t make sense.

    So, we wanted to share the science behind it. You will probably still have to try them to believe it, but this is the technical explanation.