Summer Shipping – 3D Candies

Summer Shipping

Happy summer of 2020!

It’s been a challenging year for most of us and it’s hard to believe we’re already in the throes of summer heat. Here in northern California, we’ve already seen temps well over 100 degrees and June has just begun!

It’s important to stay cool and hydrated in the summer heat. And that’s no different for our lovely little caramel treats. During the hot months of the year, we take extra care in our packaging to ensure they arrive to you as healthy and happy little ones so you can enjoy them in all their splendor. Sadly, though, extra packaging to keep melty things (like chocolate and caramel) from melting takes a bit more on the work-and-packing-products side of things. 

Maybe you’re new to our divinely delicious and delightful creations and are asking yourself “what? how can these cost so much? are they worth it?” We guarantee they’re worth it! One bite into the rich, soft caramel that bursts with flavor and you will have forgotten all about the rest of the world.