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What To Do With SO Many Pecans


 There were so many pecans. Bags and bags of them were sitting all over Eric’s house. Paper grocery store sized bags of pecans were seen in each room of the house, some outside. The bags were overflowing. First, he started out making pecan pie. That quickly fell out of favor though, he HAD to think of something else to do wall all those pecans! They were piling up quickly and he needed to come up with a solution quickly.

Lightening struck - Turtles! He could make Turtles!

Eric poured through recipe after recipe. He experimented here. Tried that recipe over there. Eventually, he discovered and modified exactly the best one. He poured it over freshly shelled pecans. The flavor could only be described as divine.

After a few bunches, Eric was overcome with the guilt. The candies were too decadent, they were sinful. The tray full of pecans and caramel, seemed innocent as it sat on the counter, but yet Eric felt the guilt. He needed a different course of action.

"Just give away those pecans!" He comforted himself, "just give them away."

Then, Eric's nest emptied. Finding himself alone in the house with the bags and bags of pecans (as bag fulls of pecans are harder to "give away" than one might expect,) Eric again had a nagging need to be productive with the nuts.


And so, it began.

In January of 2008, Eric met Cindy. “She was beginning to like me. I sealed the deal by creating a decadent treat I resurrected from my past.” They might have become husband and wife without the caramels, but there is really no way of knowing for sure. She gently coerced him into taking some with her to a winery where she was a member, Ripken Winery in Lodi, California. They took a little paper box of the caramels there, simple caramel and roasted almond. They enjoyed the wine and went home. An entire year passed, and Eric and Cindy went to the winery again. As they sipped their first taste, the friends behind the counter said, “Where are the caramels?”

“Allow me to say that I had a pretty good idea the caramels were yummy. I tested many recipes, cooked many batches. My family ate them all, out of kindness, also because they tasted pretty good. But rest assured, when someone previously unknown remembered the treats throughout the year, the caramels were assuredly and pleasantly memorable,” Eric smilingly said.

As they giggled and retold the tale on the way home, Eric and Cindy began to plan in earnest ways they could spread the word about their treats. They talked to friends about their thoughts. Their families saw and shared the burden or the work. But they needed a name. What were they going to call these delicate delights? The treats were delicious. The texture was known to be delightful.


Their chocolate venture needed a name.

The candies were decidedly divine. They were delicious and absolutely delightful. And thus, 3D Candies came to life.

Eric and Cindy began making caramels on a much larger scale. Their kitchen and production room were qualified as Commercial. They started visiting wineries with more than just "tasting" in mind. They shared their caramels with many, many more people.


Wine barrels


Then two important visits to wineries occurred.

On a dank December day at Miraflores Winery they shared their caramels, mostly with the staff. As they took turns warming by the fire, Eric began to be curious about some infused olive oils. (As you may have guessed by now, these two are foodies filled with intrigue.) Eric took some of the jalapeño infused olive oil and dipped a caramel into it.


As he pondered the flavor, curious as it was, Eric noticed that he had subconsciously tucked the jalapeño spiked caramel under his tongue in the back of his mouth. At that moment he realized that he must be enjoying the flavor and hoping the moment would last. Simultaneously, he was consciously reviewing and silently articulating the flavors rolling around in his mouth. That day at Miraflores Winery, 3D Candies' “Hot Momma” caramel came to life.

Hot Momma Jalapeno Caramel

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