About Us – 3D Candies

About Us

Family owned and operated, we are located in beautiful Northern California. Our mission is to create moments of pure delight, as you bite into our consistently delicious, gourmet caramels. We love to surprise you with the buttery texture and explosive flavor in each 3D Candies caramel.


The winter of 2003 was prolific for our pecan tree. We needed something productive to do with these nuts. After we had eaten enough pecan pie for a season, there came the need to find something to do with bags and bags of pecans. In wracking my brain to come up with a useful function for this plethora of pecans, caramels came to mind.


So we researched and we developed. Finally, we created the finest caramel we had ever tasted, had ever felt, had ever experienced. It was a unique, romantic moment. For a while, we made them just for friends and relatives. Eventually, acquaintances began trying them. We realized we had something more than just a pleasant way of using up extra pecans. We had something more than just a treat for ourselves. We had something that people wanted. It was no longer just Christmas and birthdays, and the more people asked about our caramel, the more frequent production became. We decided, why be selfish and keep these to ourselves? It was then that 3D Candies was formed.


Over the last few years, we have looked at ways to get increasingly creative with our little luxuries. This creativity has led to changing the type of nuts, the type of chocolate, and even new infusions and flavor combinations.


Our partnerships with wineries here in California, along with using local and fresh ingredients, have allowed us to launch caramel flavors one never would have dreamed possible.


Our commitment to the quality of our product married with the interest in continued creativity produces the finest, handcrafted, chocolate-covered, gourmet caramel available.


Please enjoy,
Eric & Cindy