Our Famous Guilt Free Caramel – 3D Candies

Our Famous Guilt Free Caramel

It seems impossible, but yet we have done it. Our Sugar Free Caramel only lacks in sugar, not in flavor or texture. Luxurious and decadent, you would not guess that these caramels allow you to feel like you're indulging without giving up your health commitments!


Our Guilt Free Caramels are the perfect equalizer - they can be enjoyed by all. Whether you are watching your sugar like a hawk, keeping your caloric intake in check, cutting out carbs, or simply looking to reduce your indulging, these caramels are safe! Their flavor and texture are loved by all, and have not be compromised by swapping out the sugar for allulose.


"They were AMAZING!!!!! I've been telling all my friends about them. I didn't need to use insulin for them at all, which was awesome!"  ~ Kendall





"My kids will usually take my SF [sugar free] chocolate and give it right back! They DEVOURED these with just cause! I've never seen SF caramel ooeygoooey like that!!!!" ~ Laura


"These caramels are absolutely amazing!!" ~ @darbs_losing_it


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