Gift Giver Pack

Gift Giver Pack

Gourmet, handcrafted, melt-in-your-mouth, decadence that will make you pause everything you are doing so you can fully enjoy.

We are offering a Gift Giver Pack in anticipation of the holidays.

A pack of 36, individually packaged, 3-piece caramel boxes. A sampling from our Classic line, the pack includes:
12 Espresso Caramels
12 Roasted Almond Caramels
12 Caramels with Sea Salt

Need a classy, delightful gift for all your customers? Want to give a little "something" away to those prospects you'd like to sign as clients?
Going to several dinner parties and need fantastic host/hostess gifts? Keep a stash of these to grab on the way out of the door!
Last year did you have a few too many people surprise you with gifts when you didn't know you were exchanging? Keep these on hand just in case.
They are perfect for stuffing stockings or using as name cards at your holiday table.
(We won't tell if you open a few, here and there, just to sample the goods!)