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Raspberry Hazelnut in Dark Chocolate: What a perfect pairing! Tangy raspberry infused caramel and roasted hazelnuts all wrapped up in dark chocolate then topped with freeze dried raspberry powder. A delightful experience. Accidental discovery while eating dessert with the family at Buca de Beppo in Minneapolis. Chocolate from the chocolate cannelloni dripped onto another's raspberry cheesecake, which at Buca de Beppo is sprinkled with roasted hazelnuts. From then on, we ordered the raspberry cheesecake with chocolate sauce. That happy accident inspired our Raz ma Haz caramel.

RazMaHaz; Raspberry Hazelnut Caramel

SKU: 0004

Our handcrafted caramels are infused with fresh ingredients and then enrobed in the finest chocolate. Each of our Premium line caramel flavors is available in; bundles of three 3-pieces boxes, 5-piece boxes and 12-piece boxes, with each caramel about 1 inch square. Note: because our caramels are handmade, there will always be slight variations in the caramels size and shape.

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