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Figgy Blue in Dark Chocolate: Paired with a big, bold Cabernet, this caramel is infused with Fourme d'Ambert Roquefort, just a bit of black truffle oil and topped with a white fig.

For the adventurous and those who love flavors.

Figgy Blue remains the perfect gifts for foodies, Figgy Blue creates an entirely unique and delightful flavor profile.

Figgy Blue; Blue Cheese and Fig Caramel

SKU: 0005

Our handcrafted caramels are infused with fresh ingredients and then enrobed in the finest chocolate. Each of our Premium line caramel flavors is available in; bundles of three 3-pieces boxes, 5-piece boxes and 12-piece boxes, with each caramel about 1 inch square. Note: because our caramels are handmade, there will always be slight variations in the caramels size and shape.

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