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  • Will the caramels rip out my dental work?
    Nope! Part of our family recipe's charm is buttery soft caramel that your teeth sink right into, that quickly melts all over your tongue. Enjoy!
  • How big are the candies?
    Each candy is about a 1 inch square cube, though they are taller than an inch usually. Each candy, every SINGLE candy, is made by hand which means that they will never, ever be exactly the same. We like that.
  • To where do you ship?
    Currently, we only ship within the United States.
  • Please explain your shipping policy?
    Chocolate is finicky, high maintenance, and in it's most divine state, very delicate! We put so much effort into every single handmade piece, we want to make sure that it arrives to you as beautifully as it leaves our kitchen. To protect this effort, we have to pamper your shipment. We must follow a few parameters to keep our creations happy: We only ship candies Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If the weather is too warm in either the origination or destination, we will cancel the order and notify you. We must charge a handling fee when shipping in even slightly warm weather. All orders $40+ are free shipping
  • How do I store my Decadence once it arrives?
    You can keep your candies in a dark, cool place. Please don't store in the refrigerator or freezer, doing so will affect the beauty of the chocolate and will temporarily make the caramel less soft. Chocolate blooms (the white lines that appear) when it's physical structure is affected by extreme temperature - the fridge/freezer.
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