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Chocolate is finicky. It is quite delicate and high-maintenance. It requires specific environmental conditions to stay happily in it's form of Decadent Candy.

Chocolate does not like being warm in a delivery vehicle.

Chocolate does not like being left in PO Boxes.

Chocolate does not like being left on a porch for 5 hours waiting to be picked up.

Because there are so many variables involved in getting Decadence to you, unharmed, we have a few parameters around what we CAN control in getting those candies to you!

From May through September, if you would like to purchase 3D Candy, you will need to use the local pick up option, or visit a local retailer.

We cannot ship to PO Boxes.

We only ship orders Monday through Wednesday, we do NOT ship orders Thursday through Sunday. This means that if you order your candies on Wednesday evening, they will not be shipping out until Monday morning.

If, at shipping time the weather is too warm in either the from or to location, we reserve the right to cancel your order and give you a full refund. We are always sad to do this, but it would be MORE sad for you to witness what happens to candies on warm days.

If this happens and we need to cancel your order, we will be in contact with you.

Because the candies require so much comfort during transit, especially during warm weather, we must charge a handling fee for each order to make sure the candies have the comfort they require (insulation, etc.)

We know this seems a bit more complicated than ordering on Amazon. Don't worry, the gratification and pleasure derived from that first bite will reward your patience. Thank you!

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