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The Vegan Guilt Free that you see in this picture is a 7 piece box of Dark Cherry. Truth be told, this is more of a cross between a gel and a caramel, but it’s textured like a caramel and quite yummy. The main ingredients that make it vegan are coconut cream, vegan butter and 100% dark Cherry juice. After the chocolate wrapping takes place, the morsels are dusted with powdered spearmint leaves. Each of these Guilt Free Caramels is yummy in its own right. We make these for your pleasure not for a flavor compromise.


These arrive seven pieces in a box, a whole week's worth without guilt.

Guilt Free Vegan Caramel


Our Guilt Free caramels are made with allulose instead of traditional sugar. Classified as a "rare" sugar, allulose does fantastically well functioning as the sugar component in our Guilt Free line. Your taste buds and the texture of the candy will lie to you, and tell you that you are eating traditional caramels, but it has almost no impact on your blood sugar levels and makes it a guilt free experience to enjoy some Decadence!

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