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Lemon Thyme in Dark Chocolate was originally designed to pair with Sangiovese wine.

We mix fresh citrus with savory thyme that results in a caramel so rounded out in flavor, you will most certainly need that second bite (along with a second sip!)


Our handcrafted caramels are infused with fresh ingredients and then enrobed in the finest chocolate. Handmade garnish tops this delight and you will experience nothing else like it!


Each of our caramel flavors is available in 5-piece and 12-piece boxes, or a bundle of three 3-piece boxes with each caramel about 1 inch square. You can share them, but you don't have to!


Note: because our caramels are handmade, there will always be slight variations in the caramels size and shape.

Lemon Thyme Caramel


Our candies that come in the three-, five-, and seven-piece boxes will arrive in a clear sleeve. Candies in the 12-piece box will arrive in a beautiful designer box.

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